About Medical Schemes


Most medical aids will cover the cost of the breast prosthesis every two years and mastectomy bra up to every three months. This depends on the chosen medical aid and option. Lymphedema garments are claimable.

Some items require a prescription from your doctor, but before you make an appointment, contact us first.

If a medical aid does not routinely cover a prosthesis, it is sometimes useful to petition coverage. We will gladly assist you.

On average, prostheses could be replaced every 2 years. Some medical aids are willing to assist more frequently whilst others are prepared to assist with funding only after 5 years. Post-mastectomy bras are usually covered every three months up to a year.

Mastectomy bathing suits are generally not covered.
My aid is not listed. Does it not cover breast prostheses and garments?
The medical aids listed are only a few that we have dealt with in the past.

Please contact us if you need certainty about what your scheme is willing to assist you with.
I do not have a medical aid?
There are more ways to assist you regarding payment options and products. We will work with you to find the best solution for your current situation.

Medical Schemes