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Rohi Mastectomy Care

Lymphedema Care

Rohi Mastectomy Care offers you comfort and support that gives you confidence with a range of specialised products to facilitate post-mastectomy support and recovery. We offer a full range of solutions to help with mastectomy care that blends seamlessly with your day-to-day schedule.


Made from the highest quality materials and with your health and comfort in mind, these offers provide the ideal approach to improving comfort, support, and confidence.

Compression arm Sleeves

Compression arm sleeves provide gentle compression for lymphatic relief. We supply compression class sleeves, but class 1, and class 3-6 items can be made available upon request, for the ideal supportive treatment of lymphoedema in the arm.


Please note: We also have leg compressions available; contact us for details.



• Full length arm sleeve with contoured upper end for lymphatic relief

• Comfortable edging with silicone coating (Silicone Grip Top)

• The shaped hand section prevents swelling of the hand

•  The arm sleeve is easy to put on due to the soft, burled fabric
• Arm sleeves without mitten (glove) as well as seperate hand pieces also available.




• Burled structured compression sleeves has a massaging effect and actively promotes the circulation of blood in the skin

• Gradiented compression sleeves work lymph towards the higer part of the limb, assisting in drainage whilst preventing exsesive fluid build-up. 

• Effective moisture transport ensures a pleasant skin milieu



• Only short stretch bandaging shoul be used for the treatment of lymphendema

• Correct measurement will indicate the size of bandaging needed in each individual case.




• The correct size should be selected by trained specialist personnel and should not be too tight

If you would like to know more about our offers on Mastectomy and Lymphedema Care products in South Africa, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Rohi Mastectomy Care for details.