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Rohi is a network of qualified consultants(Orthotists/Prosthetists) who have assisted many breast cancer survivors with mastectomy garments, silicone or fiber filled prostheses, lymphedema care, post reconstructive garments as well as custom made brassieres.

All Certified Prosthetists / Orthotists are registered with the HPCSA and BHF.


B-Tech Degree, Medical Orthotics / Prosthetics (T.U.T) / N.Dip. Medical Orthotics / Prosthetics (T.U.T)


Our Services 

Our services include:
Client orientated services including a medical consultation and professional fitting.
All medical aid correspondence will be done on your behalf.
We will claim from your medical aid, unless otherwise arranged.
Excellent after sales service
CPO orientated training


Any of our centers will be able to assist you with information regarding products and possible questions you might have regarding breast cancer, mastectomy and lumpectomy.

Please contact us for a support centre closest to you.



ROHI - We specialize in YOU

email:  info@mastectomy.co.za


Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy Bra

Finding a bra that suits your needs whilst providing support and comfort is difficult. With a wide range of styles and sizes available, it’s easier to determine the correct bra for your breast profile and lifestyle. To make this a little easier, bras can be grouped into different categories - shallow, average and full. The profile type is not dependent on cup capacity. For example, a D cup can actually have a shallow profile and an A cup can have a full profile. By understanding the differences, you will ensure the best possible fit.

A mastectomy bra is made with a specially designed pocket in each cup. The silicone breast form is slipped inside the pocket, where it is held firmly in place against the body for a natural recreation of symmetry. Designed especially for this purpose, a mastectomy bra may also be made with features similar to traditional bras, such as both front or back hook closures and a choice of satin, lace, or cotton.

Various designs from size 32A up to 52F are kept in store. It's manufactured from microfiber to ensure a comfortable fit on sensitive skins. The bras provide additional support for extra comfort. Custom made bras - mastectomy / non-mastectomy - in various colours.

If something unique is what you are looking for, this might be the option for you.
Available sizes: 28AA - 54F or custom designed for larger breasts (Custom made options only available in certain support centres).

(Custom made options only available in certain support centres).

Breast Forms

Breast form A breast prosthesis or breast form is an artificial breast that is used after a surgery in which the breast has been altered or removed. Whether the loss of the breast is permanent or temporary (waiting for reconstruction), a breast form can be worn to simulate the natural breast and body shape.

Full breasts and partial breasts (known as equalizers), can be purchased to balance the appearance depending on what type of surgical procedure was performed. These forms are manufactured in a variety of materials (usually silicone, foam or fiberfill) and are worn inside a mastectomy bra or attached to the body with a special silicone adhesives.

Silicone swimming prostheses are resistant to chlorine and salt water. It is advised for the active user and can also be worn as a cost effective option to the more expensive lighter weighted prostheses.

We stock a wide range of breast forms to suit your needs. You have a choice between weighted and weight reduced breast forms amongst a variety of shapes and sizes.

All prostheses carry an ISO mark of international standards and is guaranteed for two years unless otherwise indicated.